Inconvenient not Tragic

Everyday we have situations that cause us pain.  They may be the typical things–car problems, work problems, family problems etc.  Some of us may whine or complain about these things to others.  Some of us may stay silent in our pain, holding it in, but catastrophizing and projecting  inside our brains about their magnitude.

Most of these things although important at the time are inconveniences!!!! They are the hassles of daily life, the things that drive us most crazy.  They are not tragic!!!  Read the newspaper for tragedies, there is  at least one everyday.

When we are able to use the phrase that I like to use, “Inconvenient not tragic” we get perspective and gratitude in our lives.  The things that we are upset about our upsetting, but as compared to[anything in today’s paper], not that bad.  The phrase makes for great self talk for people who are perpetual catastrophizers “Inconvenient not tragic” ,”Inconvenient not tragic”,”Inconvenient not tragic”,”Inconvenient not tragic”–OK  now I feel better.

It also gives us a good focus for our own daily complaints.  One day while working out at the gym, I was complaining to myself about the pain in my back or shoulder or leg(insert one) when I saw a guy who was working out who had 1 leg.  In my mind was the Inconvenient not tragic phrase and the thought “Would you like to trade?”.  Well 1 millisecond later my back/leg/shoulder didn’t quite hurt as much and I continued on my workout.

Perspective & gratitude are great ingrediants for keeping us healthy.  The handy phrase of “Inconvenient not tragic” gives us that quite quickly.

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